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Carter Jonas

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By submitting this form, I/we confirm that this offer is completed to the best of my/our ability and understand that, should this offer be accepted, that the contents contained within will form the basis of an agreement to which all parties will work towards. I/we confirm that should any element of this offer change throughout the buying process, I/we will inform Carter Jonas within 12 hours and that failure to do so, will be treated as a breach of trust and forwarded to sellers as such.

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Exchange Timings


In order to achieve the target exchange and completion date we would expect the usual timetable to look similar to that below. The dates below are for guidance only but do follow the expectations of an archetypal sale.


Vendor/Vendors Solicitor


1. Issue of draft contracts inc. property information forms

Within 5 days of receipt of the issue of The Sales Memorandum.


2. Replies to enquires

Vendors solicitor will aim to get replies answered within 3 to 4 days.


3. Replies to additional enquires

Vendors solicitor will aim to get replies answered within 3 to 4 days.


Purchaser/Purchasers solicitor


1. Mortgage valuation

This should booked in within one week of the issue of the Sales Memorandum and the Mortgage survey to have taken place within 2 weeks.


2. Structural survey

If required, this should be booked in with Sullivan Thomas within one week of the issue of the Sales Memorandum


3. Local authority searches Solicitors will require funds

Searches should be raised within the 1st week.


4. Initial enquiries

Standard Enquiries should be raised within the 1st week.


5. Management Enquiries (if leasehold)

These should be requested as early as possible from the seller’s solicitor as they can often be the cause of large delays. Your solicitor should be pushing for the responses as often as possible as these could take more than 3 weeks if left to resolve themselves.


6. Additional enquiries

These should be raised within a couple of days from receiving the replies to enquires. ie within 2.5 weeks of the issue of the Sales Memorandum


7. Mortgage offer

You or your broker should aim to have the mortgage offer within 3 weeks.


8. Signing of contracts

This should be within the same week as your mortgage offer


9. Cleared funds to purchaser’s solicitor for exchange of contracts.

Please note – you may not be able to do this as a same day bank transfer but in any case funds should be transferred in plenty of time before an Exchange.