Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Lease Management

Carter Jonas manages the leasehold interest at one of the largest quarry and landfill sites in north western England. The Minerals & Waste Management Division oversees all operational and development issues in the context of a lease granted to a landfill operator company.



The site collectively contains two operational units, one unit having been the subject of historic mineral extraction (mineral reserves now exhausted) and more recently non-hazardous, hazardous and inert waste disposal operations whilst the  other continues to be the subject of current progressive, phased mineral extraction and non-hazardous household waste tipping operations.  

Operations at the active unit are undertaken progressively within eight phases of mineral extraction and waste infill. Mineral extraction operations principally yield a low/medium grade building sand, which is sold to the local market as a construction product.  Waste materials are sourced from around the Greater Manchester area and principally comprise of household and skip type waste, although asbestos (a hazardous waste) is also disposed of within a segregated containment cell.  

In addition, the site also accommodates a landfill gas power generation plant that filters combustible gas from the tipping areas (by virtue of a network of buried pipelines) for conversion into electricity. Electricity generated at the gas plant is sold into the local grid under the terms of various ROC (Renewable Obligations Certificate) and NOFO (Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation) contracts.  

Carter Jonas ensures that all operations at the site are undertaken both in compliance with the extant lease and in a manner sympathetic to the landowner’s long term aspirations for the property.  

Our management service provides for: managing rent and royalty income from operations, liaising with the tenant to understand current and future operational proposals, commenting upon planning applications, ensuring compliance with extant planning permissions.  

In the longer term, advice is provided to the landowner in terms of development options beyond current quarrying and landfill operations.

Did you know?

The UK produces 434 million tonnes of waste each year: enough waste to fill the Albert Hall every 2 hours.

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