Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas


Are you prepared? The 2010 Rating Revaluation will review all non-domestic properties Rateable Values with effect from 1 April 2010. Draft lists are expected this year, and the Minerals & Waste Management Division is monitoring the situation closely on behalf of our clients. Increases in some base costs can be expected, but we are also awaiting clarification on other matters that affect your bills, such as transitional relief and void provisions.

Our comprehensive rates management service includes:

  • site inspections
  • the negotiation of appeals
  • overseeing the applications process for rates relief following closure or cessation of production
  • advice on rates efficient occupation
  • submitting rates returns
  • checking bills and liabilities

 We have a proud track record of reducing the non-domestic rates bills for many major minerals and waste management sites. We collaborate with the Minerals Valuer’s office to ensure that sites are listed at the correct level and sit on trade body rating groups, representing our clients forcefully alongside their industry counterparts.