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Jargon Buster: Waste

We've put together a guide to some of the technical terms used in the business of waste management.

The process of sealing a Cell of waste at a landfill site to ensure environmental protection and to allow restoration. Usually clay or a geotextile layer.

Individual section of a landfill, seperated from other areas by an impervious wall of clay.  Contructed to allow for better settlement and degrading of the waste body.

Landfill gas
Is the result of an anaerobic reaction, which when it occurs releases certain components such as methane and carbon dioxide.

This occurs when clean water, i.e. groundwater or rainwater, percolates through a landfill site.

Materials Recycling Facility

Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA)
This is the ash produced by the combustion process when powdered coal is used as the main fuel source.  The material is dried and compacted and used as a secondary mineral.

Waste Disposal
The process of getting rid of unwanted material in an orderly and regulated fashion.

Waste Management Facilities
A term used for a site that stores, sorts, recycles or disposes of waste material.

Waste Management Licence
A licence granted by the Environment Agency to ensure that waste treatment and disposal is carried out and that no harm is caused to the environment or to public health.


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