Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Green Belt Debate

With a decline in the availability of infill land sites within established urban areas, and with high-rise developments being unpopular, could the city's wealth of green belt land provide the answer to the housing shortage?

Demand for housing within Cambridge is much greater than the supply, with an estimated 43,000 affordable homes required to sustain growth over the next 15 years. Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council are currently producing a draft local plan up-to 2031 to address this. It has been considered that around 43,000 new homes will be required across the two authorities and that releasing green belt land has not been effectively tested.

There is a lack of trust that green belt land is the answer to the housing shortage, although there have been examples in recent years where green belt land has been re-purposed for housing.

Respecting the green belt is necessary, but the challenge presented is the efficient use of land that would not detract from the balance of industry and open space. There are small pockets of land within the city that have strong development potential, and they would not significantly impact the high quality areas of the green belt.

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