Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Did You Know?

  • We have a dedicated new homes sales department with hundreds of new homes for sale in many locations, built to the highest standards and by the best builders.    


New home


  • New homes are built to high safety standards with quality materials to meet strict regulations, bringing many benefits to their owners.    
  • New homes benefit from a comprehensive 10 year warranty, which gives you peace of mind about the quality of your home.    
  • New homes are designed to meet the needs of modern day living, so use space efficiently and effectively.    
  • New homes are designed to minimise waste and to work in balance with the environment. This means lower running costs compared to traditional homes, and a more eco-friendly way of living.    
  • The heating and installation installed in new homes makes then, on average, 4 times more energy efficient than older buildings.

    Why buy new build?

    Buying a brand new home can save you money, time and stress...

    New Homes

    A Residential View with a focus on new homes.
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