Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Acquisition and management of Northamptonshire estate for the crown estate

Carter Jonas is responsible for the overall strategy and day-to-day management of the 2,500-acre Ashby St Ledgers estate.

The Ashby St Ledgers estate near Daventry, Northamptonshire, was acquired by Carter Jonas in 2005 as an investment for our client, The Crown Estate. The estate comprised 2,250 acres (900 hectares) with three farms, 12 dwellings, woodland and a 14-acre lake. Further acquisitions of land and buildings have been made since.

The team from Carter Jonas has spearheaded a programme of significant residential refurbishments and improvements, while rationalising the agricultural estate to focus on the arable and dairy sectors. The well-known shoot is run on a commercial basis and the total return has exceeded expectations. Our role as managing agent is wide-ranging and involves:

  • Developing and implementing an overall strategy for the estate to meet the owner’s objectives.
  • Day-to-day management, including rent collection and all coordination with tenants, village residents, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Delivering a sustainable future for the rural educational facility used by schools which was developed on the estate.
  • Exploring options for capital projects such as renewable energy, and the availability of grant-funding. For example, game from the shoot is processed on-site and marketed online and at local farmers’ markets under an approved grant-aided scheme.

"Carter Jonas has been an integral part of the management team at Ashby St Ledgers since The Crown Estate’s acquisition and has assisted us in developing the strategy and growing the income, whilst retaining the ethos of the estate"

- Alan Laidlaw, Head of New Business Development Rural Estate, The Crown Estate