Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Basic Payment Scheme registration

In under six months, inaugural claims under the new Basic Payment Scheme will have been submitted. However Defra have been tight-lipped in releasing dates and details on how the registration process will work, let alone making the application.strong>

What we do know is that The CAP Information Service (the new online-only service for all Common Agricultural Policy schemes from January 1, 2015,) will be rolled out in stages. Regardless of previous online claims, everyone intending to claim in 2015 will need to register. Claimants will be contacted to register in January 2015, while other companies related to the claim process, such as Carter Jonas, are likely to be contacted this month or in January.

Given a relatively late release date, it is imperative to register soon after notification to avoid a rush to complete the 2015 Basic Payment submissions. In anticipation of this, it is important that each business hoping to claim in 2015 identifies who will be responsible for their registration and / or application process, be that an individual from

within the business or an agent such as Carter Jonas.

Importantly, the application process and schemes will only be available online as part of the Government’s “digital by default” approach - in order to register all claimants will require an email address. There will be six stages to the registration process and it will be important to ensure that all details entered at this stage are correct to avoid any problems arising later that may affect claims.

Once registered, a Customer Registration Number will be received. The new system and this number will make it easier for claimants to authorise agents, either as a firm or on an individual basis, to act on their behalf.

When Defra contact you and you receive your documentation inviting registration onto the service Carter Jonas would be pleased to hear from you and can arrange for a consultation on how to get started on this new process.

You can download the Defra's information pdf here.