Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Energy Purchasing Service Reduces Overheads

Carter Jonas is urging clients to check that they are getting the best rate for their electricity and gas supply.

The rate achieved is based on a number of factors such as the current market for wholesale electricity and gas, annual usage, location and term of contract and usage patterns.

Throughout 2015, the market saw energy demand fall owing to the warmer weather, strength of the pound and the increased renewable energy generation. The oversupplied system meant that import power prices fell leading up to Christmas and the New Year. With overheads increasing, it is important to squeeze more value out of suppliers, regardless of the current market position.

In the present market the rates offered by suppliers can often vary by as much as 30% which means it’s important for clients to tender their contracts through an independent broker to maximise potential savings. A 1p/kWh improvement on an electricity supply quote for a 200MWh/pa business, can equate to savings of £2,000 per annum and so it’s vital that businesses seek third party advice on setting up initial supplies or negotiating renewals.

Due to key contacts within the sector Carter Jonas is frequently able to achieve enhanced rates over those afforded to individual businesses. Our free brokerage service is geared towards maximising the returns available to businesses on their electricity and gas costs.

Says Clare Davey of Carter Jonas: “there is potential to increase savings by as much as up to £75,000 a year for businesses with a high gas usage of 8GWh per annum. Over the last few years we have seen an increase in businesses concerned with the issue of rising overheads, brokering the supply of electricity is a prime example of how these everyday costs can be significantly reduced and have a positive impact on the overall business.”

Timing is key as most contracts are renewable on an annual basis and suppliers often try to secure renewals directly with businesses. Should a business wish to renew their contract ahead of their termination date in order to take advantage of a particularly good market position, we are able to negotiate as far in advance as required and can offer advice on market position throughout each contract.

Clare Davey

Clare Davey

Energy Specialist

Clare is based in Harrogate and manages renewable (including medium wind, solar, hydro and biomass) and peak power generation development projects across the country, from initial feasibility through ...

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