Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

After graduation, what comes next?

Graduating from agricultural studies is the first step on the road to building a successful career in rural agency. Here, two graduates of the Royal Agricultural University at Cirencester describe their first year – and their first week!

Both will attend the Carter Jonas APC training event at the end of this month, a twice-yearly two session when all the firm’s APC graduates meet.

One week in the life of a graduate - one year in

My week starts on a large private estate located in southern Hampshire. I arrive at the Estate office and work alongside two of my colleagues undertaking management duties. The day consists of tasks such as property renovations, letting of residential properties, updating the estate terrier and meetings with consultants from various other companies.

I work from the Winchester office from a Tuesday to Thursday where my workload brings of a mix of management and professional work. I spend most of my time agreeing access for major rail works across the south east of England. This involves receiving instructions from Network Rail, undertaking site inspections, and negotiating licence fees and compound locations.

I also spend much of my time working for a charity which owns a portfolio of 98 parcels within villages across the south east of England, of which one is a mooring on the River Itchen. This embraces rent reviews, agreeing grazing arrangements, and undertaking regular inspections to check for encroachment, fly tipping, and adverse possession.

These duties tend to take up most of my Tuesday and Wednesday leaving Thursdays free to work alongside my supervisor and line manager on various tasks including secured lending and annual stocktaking valuations, planning and development advice, and other general professional work.

I am also involved in other activities including the regular Rural team meetings, the communications forum, and regular APC meetings. I have just had my 12 month APC review where I was signed off to various levels on different competencies giving me confidence that I am progressing towards my exams next year. I have also recently attended CAAV tutorials, extremely useful in teaching probationer members a variety of different topics directly linked with my APC.

I enjoy my full week at Carter Jonas and I am always sure that my colleagues and superiors are there to help me when I need advice on any project.

Henry Liddiard, Graduate Surveyor

Week One in the life of a graduate

Having spent just one week working for Carter Jonas, one could be forgiven for assuming that my first days would be spent primarily in the office, whereas the complete opposite was true. I have visited estates where I will be involved in the day to day management, attended client meetings, inspected properties for market appraisals and valuations, and helped on the stand at an agricultural show.

With all this comes some time spent in the office helping with the paperwork that goes with all the above. I have also registered with RICS so that I can start work towards my APC by recording my experience and registered as a probationer member with CAAV, with Carter Jonas covering my professional fees. I attended the monthly team meeting where the team discuss budgets, PR, and general office matters to enable each person to see how their input helps in reaching targets.

Going forward I will be involved in a project taking me out of the office for a day a week. I can already see how the diversity of the job makes it so interesting and it is anybody’s guess what jobs and visits I will have in the coming months, but variety is one thing that seems assured.

Sophie Crookes, Graduate Surveyor