Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

RPA faces up to problems and extends deadlines

Giving credit to the Rural Payments Agency does not come easy as their administration of the Basic Payment Scheme has slid into chaos.

Now the RPA’s new online computer system has been abandoned as a way to make the claim.

However, the RPA is to be commended for facing up to the very real problems that farmers and their advisors were facing with the failings of the online process.

The EU Commission has extended the deadline for submission of the BPS application from May 15 to June 15 because of problems being experienced with the introduction of the new scheme throughout Europe.

But the practical details about how the application process will now work are only just emerging and there is a number of important points to note.

First, you still need to ensure you are registered on the new RPA online system. This is usually reasonably straightforward and the easiest way to do this is to call the RPA on 03000 200 301.

Once registered you will need to check your business details, appoint any agent you may wish to deal with your claim, and check the level of “permissions” you wish to give yourself or your agent.

Now, following the deadline extension for the submission of the BPS application there has belatedly been an identical extension for submission of entitlement transfers. This is important because in this first year of the BPS any spare entitlements which are not claimed will be confiscated permanently and their value placed in the National Reserve.

Claimants must make sure they have matched their eligible land with the equivalent number of entitlements and if any adjustment in their number is required these now need to be made by June 15. To transfer entitlements you need to complete a paper RLE1 form which can be downloaded from the RPA website.

To make a claim, the RPA have produced a blank claim form (BPS5) which can also be downloaded from the website. However, the RPA have now started emailing pre-populated forms to people who claimed last year with a copy of their RLR maps. If you do not receive these shortly, you should contact the RPA promptly.

This is obviously a busy time in the farming calendar and so it is welcome that the application deadlines have been pushed back to June 15 but this is no reason to be complacent because there are still tasks which need to be dealt with.

Farmers and their advisors need to keep their wits about them during this crucial period.

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