Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Anaerobic Digestion

Coast We can help with:

  • feasibiliy studies
  • financial analysis and modelling
  • funding arrangements
  • grant applications
  • planning applications
  • site assessments
  • contractor and system procurement
  • supervising build works
  • scheme development arrangements
  • valuations
  • substrate procurement
Want to combat climate-change, create a new income stream and enrich your land? Then now is the time to let Carter Jonas advise you on the potential of anaerobic digestion. We can assess the suitability of your property for anaerobic digestion, advise on investment and returns, and plan, construct and deliver a working plant.

Anaerobic digestion is the method by which organic matter is broken down and the resulting methane and carbon dioxide are neutralised. The machinery used in the process produces electricity and hot water, which may be used by the producer or sold, and a digestate, which may be used as a fertiliser.


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LeachatesThis occurs when clean water, i.e. groundwater or rainwater, percolates through a landfill site.

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