Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Hydro Power

Coast Most farms in the UK have a source of water, but its potential as an alternative source of income is rarely investigated. If your property has a suitable volume of water with a great enough difference in height between source and outflow, you could use it to produce hydro power. Carter Jonas can help. We have an established team who are experienced in the development of hydroelectric schemes from feasibility through to completion. Working for landowners and developers alike we are able to carry out feasibility studies, guide you through the planning and licensing process, and we can promote your site to established hydro developers, negotiate option and lease arrangements or joint ventures. We also offer services in relation to hydro due diligence, valuation and site sale.

We provide the full service.

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British Hydropower Association Member
  • Initial assessments
  • Initial site screening and assessment
  • Detailed feasibility studies and survey work
  • Financial analysis and modelling
  • Submitting planning and licensing applications
  • Detailed design
  • Funding arrangements and grant applications
  • Scheme development arrangements - landowner go it alone; joint ventures; lease arrangements
  • Contractor and system procurement
  • Building out schemes, commissioning and testing
  • Managing tariff applications

Amy Souter

Amy Souter

Associate Partner

Associate Partner in the Energy and Marine team. Experienced Environmental Consultant and Project Manager with particular expertise in energy and infrastructure developments. Advises on and manages pr...

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Bala hydroelectric scheme

100kW hydro-electric scheme, from sourcing the site, to switch-on.

Hydro opportunities

Hydropower can provide a reliable source of electricity year long.