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Small-Scale Wind Energy Systems

The Carter Jonas Energy team assists clients with a wide range of wind energy developments. Using state-of-the-art technology we can quickly and accurately map the wind energy potential of your land.

Wind energy

With increasing electricity prices and the UK Government's continued support for renewable energy, small wind energy generation is now becoming increasingly attractive.With high energy demands and the availability of suitable sites, farmers and landowners are in a unique position to take advantage.

Individual turbines appropriate for farm use can range in size from 5KW to up to 250KW.The following factors will determine which size and type of turbine would be most suitable for a particular site:

  • Wind speed and prevailing wind
  • The height at which the turbine can be situated
  • Surrounding landscape features and the built up environment
  • Proximity to a suitable grid connection

Planning permission will be required for any free standing wind development and whilst the physical appearance of such a development will have to be considered, the optimum conditions for the siting of a turbine are:

  • Mean average annual wind speeds of greater than 6 meters per second
  • At least 500 meters away from a residential dwelling
  • A turbine height of at least sixteen meters, however generally the higher the better
  • A nearby grid connection that is capable of supporting the development

The likely cost of a turbine will depend on size, however as a general rule of thumb a fully installed individual turbine will cost between £2,000 to £3,000 per KW.

Providing that the site conditions are favourable, the payback on a wind turbine will be in the region of 6-10 years, however, this is largely dictated by the size of the turbine and wind speeds.

Grant funding for individual turbines is available however this is likely to vary between each Regional Development Agency across the UK.

The Carter Jonas Energy Team is able to offer:

  • An initial feasibility and site assessment study
  • National planning expertise combined with experience of dealing with the relevant statutory bodies
  • Site promotion to select a turbine provider
  • Assistance with the submission of grant applications
  • Arrangement of finance
  • Expertise in negotiating the sale of any surplus electricity back to the grid

If you feel you may have a site suitable for a small wind energy development and would like explore it’s potential then please contact a member of the Energy team.

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