Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Asset Management

Asset Registers & Land Terriers

Asset registers are valuable tools for planning and management. Whether it is the mapping of properties to manage tenancies, or trees within a park or estate, the mapping team can pinpoint their geographical location and create a database, which can then be interrogated and analysed to meet client requirements such as maintenance schedules.

Gated field

Boundary Resolution & Land Registration

Over time physical boundaries can become obscured or removed. We can consult historic plans, the Land Registry and aerial photography and using GIS super-impose them onto current Ordnance Survey data to best identify the position of ownership boundaries. We also produce Land Registry compliant plans for land registration purposes.

Rural estate

Registration of Manorial Rights

The Land Registration Act 2002 states that from October 2013, manorial rights must be registered with the Land Registry if they are to continue to bind the land. The existence and extent of the manorial interests must be established prior to registration. Using our specialist GIS software we can plot the extents of the area in question from old records and maps and provide plans for submission to the Land Registry.

the saw mill

Sales Plans & Lotting

Our sales and lotting plans produced using detailed Ordnance Survey data, help the purchaser and vendor agree upon the land to be bought or sold, by providing accurate area measurements as well as providing an attractive plan for sales particulars.


Sporting Plans

We can provide shoot plans for landowners to effectively plan and manage shoot days across their estates. These can be laminated and folded to create a map that can easily be taken around the site. The laminated plans are cost effective and provide an excellent memento of the days shoot.

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Did you know?

We can source and overlay old plans onto OS data dating back to 1860?

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Did you know?

We regularly produce plans for land registration which comply with the Land Registry’s strict criteria.

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