Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Strategic Analysis

Bean Field


We can provide comprehensive land referencing to support development and infrastructure projects. Our mapping shows land ownerships, whether freehold or leasehold, allowing contact of affected parties to be established.

Computer generated design

Strategic Appraisals & Constraint Mapping

Constraint mapping aids in the identification of suitable development sites from criteria set up by the client, enabling them to effectively target resources at sites with potential. We have experience working with large developers, site searching at a regional level and providing comprehensive constraint information at a site specific level of detail.


Volume Calculations

Using specialist software we can produce accurate models of earthworks or quarries, which allow us to calculate volumes of cut and fill or to visualise proposed site works. Quick and accurate measurements of cut and fill allow us to optimise earthworks to minimise the amount of material that needs to be transported off-site, which is extremely costly to a project.


Water Droplet Analysis

Our service can show how the drainage of an area is affected by changes in landform. We produce a 3-dimensional computer model of the proposal. When the water droplet simulation is run, it predicts the direction water will flow, where it will pool or drain to. This information is useful in the design process or where remedial action needs to be taken to improve the drainage of a site.

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Did you know?

We can source and overlay old plans onto OS data dating back to 1860?

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Did you know?

We regularly produce plans for land registration which comply with the Land Registry’s strict criteria.

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