Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Why good quality plans matter

Mapping properties from old plans is not such an easy task, especially where Land Registry are concerned. The production of plans has developed greatly from the original red felt tip and standards as a result are expected to be a lot higher.

The criteria set out by LR can often mean that producing plans which meet their specifications is tricky, even more so when  dealing with old properties which haven’t changed hands for many years.

We deal with the Land Registry on a daily basis to register land, search for ownership information for land referencing purposes and to keep up to date with their changes and practices. This regular contact is crucial in making sure we produce accurate, sound and compliant plans.

We are increasingly asked to produceplans for areas of previously unregistered land, often from old plans. The transferring of old data to modern Ordnance Survey data  requires careful interpretation and analysis to ensure the client has a clear understanding of the land they are registering or buying.

Having produced plans for many years we are constantly making improvements to the delivery of the information to the LR and the client.  This attention to detail results in accurate maps from the offset, resulting in fewer rejections and in turn a quicker turnaround time for our clients.

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