Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Taking a unique perspective

Mapping - the production of high specification plans of land and property - is an increasingly popular and valuable tool in providing complex information in a clear manner.

One of the region's dedicated teams of mapping experts is based in the Shrewsbury office of national property firm Carter Jonas which has continued to push boundaries with its provision of mapping services and technologies.

The department is headed by Robin Hawkins who has seen his team grow over recent years from one to six members of staff.

"Our aim is to maintain a high level of service for our clients providing bespoke solutions that fit their needs," says Mr Hawkins.

"We work very closely with our rural team and local land owners and colleges with registering and managing their property .

"Particular points of pride for us are our online mapping portal, which allowed clients to access their mapped property on a range of electronics devices, and our GPS unit which permits cost effective and accurate boundary surveys.

"Our specialist Geographic Information System (GIS) enables our clients to have a wide range of data at their fingertips; this gives them the edge when making key decisions relating to their property.

"This can range anywhere between analysing the potential for renewable technologies to the survey and scheduling of woodland planting schemes."

Mr Hawkins says that being part of a nationwide organisation has given the team at Carter Jonas a unique perspective, allowing them to carry out work with both the minerals and waste, and renewable energy departments, throughout the UK and beyond.

"It is fair to say that Carter Jonas mapping team in Shrewsbury has amassed a wide variety of experiences over the last few years," he adds.

"These have ranged from mapping in sub zero temperatures in the wilds of Kazakhstan and plotting bore holes and crops in Equatorial Guinea, to the less adventurous but fascinating interpretation of maps dating back to the 1700s for rural estates locally."

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