Operational Support Building Welwyn-Garden-City, Hertfordshire
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Welwyn-Garden-City, Hertfordshire
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Herts Police Operational Support Building, Hertfordshire
Herts Police Operational Support Building, Hertfordshire

The Operational Support Building has been designed as a two-storey structure accommodating the operational centre on the first floor with support and ancillary functions below. The building has been detailed and constructed in a simple contemporary manner with clean lines and without unnecessary embellishment or decoration.

The contemporary rationale is continued inside, where the detailing is crisp and clean to create a working environment of both high quality and visual tranquility. A staff amenity area is positioned on the first floor, exploiting views over the surrounding countryside in a working environment where the work is introspective. This creates a valuable asset enabling staff to take physical and emotional breaks, without leaving the building.

A colour psychologist was employed during the design process to ensure that the interior environment was designed to feel calm and tranquil
to those working inside and dealing with stressful emergency 999 callers.