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Great Yarmouth was a large and important town in mediaeval times and still retains the largest ancient marketplace in the UK. However like many former fishing ports and seaside towns, in recent decades it has faced severe economic challenges.

Great Yarmouth town centre 

Carter Jonas’ masterplanners and town centre team were appointed to undertake a comprehensive 4-year regeneration plan for the whole town centre from the River Yare in the west to the seafront in the east, and from the station and Minster in the north to the St. George’s Cultural Quarter in the south.

The study produced an integrated physical and economic renewal plan with a series of projects:

  • New station and highway gateways
  • New links through to the town centre
  • A rethought marketplace
  • Environmental improvements to the public realm
  • Development briefs for key sites

Particular emphasis was placed on attracting new visitors to the town centre to help renew the economy, as well as renovate the town’s superb stock of historic buildings.

A comprehensive public consultation strategy was undertaken to secure local support for the proposals.