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Carter Jonas’s Regeneration, Retail and Town Centre Consultancy Team has advised Hull City Council since 2013 on the planning, development and management of the City Centre and the main District Centres. Our advice has included the preparation of a robust evidence-based Town Centre and Retail Strategy in 2013 and a Retail Capacity Refresh in 2017. We have also appeared as the Council’s Expert Witness at the Local Plan Examination in Public (EiP) held in May 2017.

The Hull Town Centre and Retail Strategy assessed the scope for accommodating the forecast capacity for new retail floorspace within Hull City Centre and three main District Centres (North Point, Holderness Road, and Hessle Road). It also assessed the options in the emerging Area Action Plan (AAP) to designate Kingswood Retail Park as a new District Centre and to potentially extend Class A1 retail floorspace on to adjacent sites.

As part of this work, Carter Jonas assessed the likely impact of the proposed extension to Kingswood on the trade/turnover of the City Centre and existing District Centres using our CREATE economic impact/capacity model. The modelling was informed by a bespoke household survey that took account of changes in shopping patterns and market shares across a wider catchment area, as well as the impact of online retailing. A health check assessment was also carried out for the City, the District Centres, and Kingswood drawing on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set out in the Planning Practice Guidance. This health check helped to inform the overall assessment of the impact of Kingswood on the vitality and viability of the main centres, and on planned investment.

Following on from the 2013 study, Carter Jonas was retained by Hull City Council to assess emerging development options for a second smaller neighbourhood centre within the Kingswood expansion area as part of the preparation of the Kingswood Area Action Plan (AAP).

The assessment included a comparative review of existing local centres in Hull to understand the type of retail, service and community uses typically provided by a local centre. We also provided advice on the optimum location for the proposed new neighbourhood centre within the expansion area. Carter Jonas also advised the Council on additional evidence needed to support the EiP on the Kingswood AAP.

More recently, Carter Jonas prepared a Retail Capacity Refresh which updated the quantitative capacity element of the 2013 study based on a new comprehensive household telephone interview survey. The Refresh identified a significant reduction in the need for new comparison goods retail floorspace over the plan period to 2032. Carter Jonas subsequently represented the City Council at the Local Plan Examination in Public (EiP) in support of the emerging town centre, retail, and leisure policies.