Have your say on planning for Hampshire’s minerals & waste
Date of Article
Mar 03 2011

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Hampshire County Council have recently invited public contributions to their consultation process on Planning for Minerals & Waste facilities in the County.  The Authority is proposing to write a new development plan to improve their policies on Minerals & Waste up to 2030 and is looking for views on their approach, suggested sites and options before they commence.

Paul Malam, Partner in the firms Minerals and Waste Management Team said,

“This is an excellent opportunity for those with interests in potential future minerals and waste prospects in the County to get involved at an informal level.  In respect of minerals, our recent Minerals Research Report highlighted a worrying state of affairs in respect of permitted Sand and Gravel reserves, particularly in the south of the country, including Hampshire.

Whilst this invitation only represents a very early stage in Hampshire’s deliberations, now is the time to consider thinking about making representations”.

More information regarding the consultation can be found on the Hampshire website at http://consult.hants.gov.uk/portal and the consultation period ends on 24 March 2011.

For more information, or if you are looking for a planning appraisal of your property for minerals or waste use, contact Paul Malam.