Bicester, OX27

Bicester, OX27

97.1 acres (39.3 hectares)

Asking price £935,000
Bicester North 3.4 miles
Wise Crescent 0.2 miles
Town Well 0.9 miles

Well located mainly arable and pasture land in varying sizes of enclosure.

The property comprises four independent parcels of land each with direct access from the public highway. The land is fenced or hedged and the majority is in arable production with two smaller parcels of pasture.

Providing mainly level arable and pasture the land is a mix of grade 3 and 4 and is further characterised as being freely draining lime-rich loamy soils.

In all about 97.2 acres (ha)

For sale by private treaty as a whole or in lots.

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Found your ideal property?

Found your ideal property?


Situational Details
Property type
Land Farm
Arable Size
83.1 acres (33.6 hectares)
Total land
97.1 acres (39.3 hectares)
Rural Tenancy
Freehold with VP (Vacant Possession)
Farming system
Arable Mixed Equestrian
Carter Jonas reference
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