Land Off Wheelers Rise, Croughton NN13

Land Off Wheelers Rise, Croughton NN13

2.4 acres (0.971 hectares)

Price on Application
Kings Sutton 3.5 miles
Chapel End 0.1 miles
Port Way 0.3 miles

2.4 acres (0.97 hectares) or thereabouts of pasture land, suitable for grazing or mowing, to be let by Informal Tender.

2.4 acres (0.97 hectares) or thereabouts of pasture land, suitable for grazing or mowing, to be let by Informal Tender.


The land is located within the village of Croughton in south Northamptonshire. The land sits adjacent to residential properties to the south and west and agricultural land to the north and east. The land is directly accessible from Wheelers Rise.


Approximately 2.4 acres (0.97 hectares) of pasture land suitable for grazing or mowing, offered to let as a whole by Informal Tender.

The land is secured by low stone walls so would be more suited to sheep grazing however the Landlord would consider horse grazing but the tenant would need to erect their own stock-proof boundary fence to prevent straying. There is a water supply to the land.


Access to the land can be obtained directly from Wheelers Rise.


The land is offered to let on either a 2 year Farm Business Tenancy agreement or a Grazing Tenancy, depending on the intended use. A copy of the draft agreement can be requested from the Agent.


The land is not subject to any Environmental Stewardship schemes at present.


The land is let subject to all existing wayleaves, rights of way, easements and rights of drainage whether specifically referred to in these particulars or not.


There are no entitlements attached to the land.


Offers invited.


Interested parties are asked to submit their tenders in writing to the agent by 12 noon on Thursday 10 January 2019.

Tenders must be submitted in writing and must be on the application form attached to these particulars. The completed tender forms should be sent to Carter Jonas, 12 Waterside Way, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN4 7XD in a sealed envelope marked ‘Tender – Land at Croughton’.

Tenders should be for a sum certain and expressed in pounds sterling. Tenders should not be made by reference to any other tender. The Landlord reserves the right not to accept the highest or indeed any tender. If a tender form is not attached, please contact the agent and we will forward a copy to you.

Tenders should be submitted subject to contract and any conditions on which the tender is made should be specified. Applicants are encouraged to give as much information as possible in their covering letters and tenders.


The land can be viewed on foot during reasonable daylight hours by anyone in possession of a copy of these particulars.


1. There will be no ingoing valuation

2. The tenant will be required to put and keep the land in good heart and condition, and maintain the land throughout the duration of the tenancy in such manner. The Landlord reserves the right to charge dilapidations on expiry of the agreement.

3. The Tenant will not be permitted to enter the land into any scheme without the Landlord’s prior written consent.

4. If the successful tenderer wishes to graze horses, they will be required to erect and maintain a suitable stock proof fence to prevent straying. The current stone walls surrounding the land would not be sufficient to contain horses.


If you require any further information, please contact the managing agent Ashling Toolan on 01604 608 210 or

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2.4 acres (0.971 hectares)
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