Bath and North East Somerset Plan to be Recommended for Adoption
Date of Article
Jul 08 2014

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8 July 2014, Bath and North East Somerset Council recently received an independent Inspector’s final Report – confirming that their Core Strategy was ‘sound’, subject to a number of modifications. These modifications included:

  • An increase in the overall housing provision to around 13,000 dwellings
  • The allocation of four strategic sites for housing to be removed from the Green Belt at Odd Down (Bath), East Keynsham, South West Keynsham and Whitchurch
  • Removal of additional land from the Green Belt at East Keynsham as safeguarded land
  • Setting different targets for the provision of affordable housing in different parts of the district to reflect the evidence on viability
  • Other detailed changes to policies and text to bring the plan up to date and to be consistent with Government policy

The proposed strategic housing allocation requiring land to be removed from the Green Belt at Weston, Bath has not been recommended as a modification, as the exceptional circumstances necessary to change Green Belt boundaries and to justify major development in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty were not satisfied.

The Inspector’s Report, recommended modifications and proposed adoption of the Core Strategy will be discussed at a meeting of Full Council on 10th July 2014.

Click here to view The Inspector’s letter and Report.