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As part of our wider sales service, we work with many of our clients to sell their property assets at auction – and now, as well as farms and land, we help clients to sell residential, commercial and development assets. We have auction experts in house who can organise and run the auctions. 

Selling a property at auction can offer many benefits over the more common method of selling by private treaty. The main reason is that it offers both the vendor and purchaser far greater certainty; upon the fall of the hammer in the auction room both parties are legally bound, and contracts are exchanged, with completion of the sale normally taking place four weeks later.

As a result, we often find that a sale by auction is favoured for unusual properties, including those that require a lot of work, because it removes the uncertainty of further negotiations taking place after agreeing the initial sale.

Find out more about the auction room as a selling method in our Rural View article ‘Caution at Auction


Strawbridge, Hatherleigh, Devon – sold at auction in July 2019 for £610,000

Strawbridge, Hatherleigh, Devon

Sold at auction in July 2019 for £610,000
Barn at Stream Farm, Axbridge, Somerset – sold at auction in July 2018 for £200,000

Barn at Stream Farm, Axbridge, Somerset

Sold at auction in July 2018 for £200,000
15 acres of land at Brinscombe, Axbridge, Somerset – sold at auction in July 2018 for £100,000

15 acres of land at Brinscombe, Axbridge, Somerset

Sold at auction in July 2018 for £100,000


Farms throughout southern England with straw and hay for sale count on the auction system to achieve the best price for their product.

Over the past 50 years we have established a national reputation for our fodder auctions, notably the Newbury Hay & Straw Sale, which attracts buyers from all over the country. Over 5,000 tonnes are regularly traded each season, including meadow and seed hay, wheat, barley and oat straw.

We normally hold sales each December, January and March, with product sold from farms located across southern England. Carter Jonas can also arrange private sales.

Find out more about our recent Newbury Hay & Straw Sale > 
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John Read
Associate Partner
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Jack Mitchell
Associate Partner
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John joined the firm in 2002 and is involved in a wide range of professional areas. He has particular expertise in valuations of farms and estates for lending and taxation purposes, agricultural landlord and tenant matters and advises landowners in relation to telecommunication sites. When the opportunity arises he is a keen auctioneer and is always prepared to conduct charity auctions. John was recently appointed as Honorary Secretary of the John Edgar Trust, a charity which runs a management development scheme for those in the farming and rural sector.

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Jack spends most of his time dealing with the marketing and sale of rural property, including anything from pasture paddocks to entire farms. Jack also undertakes a wider range of rural professional work, negotiating a range of leases and licences, compensation for the acquisition of various interests and subsidy and stewardship schemes.
Jack has a first class honours degree in Estate Management and qualified as a Chartered Surveyor and Agricultural Valuer in 2014.  He is a RICS registered valuer.

In his spare time, Jack enjoys helping on his family’s mixed farming and retail business in Somerset, which keeps him up to date with the practicalities of farming and the rural economy.

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  • Can a Farm Business Tenancy continue from year to year after expiry of a fixed term?
  • Can an Arbitrator in a rental dispute be appointed by agreement?

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