Strengthening Carter Jonas’ legacy as a contributor to a sustainable future for all

Carter Jonas has a long history of championing key issues that today form the basis of our Corporate Responsibility Policy. We have always endeavoured to go beyond what is expected and believe in corporate statements that are lived by example. 
Putting sustainability at the heart of what we do is about strengthening our legacy, ensuring a sustainable future for our clients and our business.
Sustainability to us is about everything from environmental resources to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that will sustain our business. It’s also about what we can do as members of a worldwide society. 
We know there is always room for improvement, there is always more we could do. To show that we are accountable to our sustainability values we’ve set ourselves ambitious, measurable targets in five main areas:

  • Community
  • Our work
  • Our people
  • Resource management
  • Charity

Carter Jonas has worked closely with the natural environment for hundreds of years and we want to minimise any adverse impact our business activities have. This means looking at everything from reducing the energy consumption in our offices, the amount of paper and water we use to our carbon footprint from business travel.
We have already attained company-wide ISO accreditation for Environmental Management Systems and Measurement and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions but we want to go further. Our target is to exceed minimum requirements and reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Each year we’ll publish the figures to show how we are doing in these areas.


We strongly believe it is at a local level where we can make the greatest impact on communities and create additional social value.  Our work in this area takes many forms from sponsorship and pro bono work to volunteering.
As part of our community work, we also want to make property careers accessible to people from a wide range of backgrounds. In addition to raising awareness of the opportunities, we also help young people from all backgrounds take the first steps into a property career whether that is through education and learning or apprenticeships, after all if those working in property reflect the diversity of the communities they serve, it can only lead to a better better built environment and better outcomes for all. 


Alongside the other aspects of running a sustainable business we are also able to mobilise everyone within our firm to contribute to causes that are important to us. 

Through our charity work we have helped important causes achieve life-changing outcomes. We want to ensure that this work continues and as we grow as a firm the contribution we make also grows. 

To ensure our approach is not fragmented we focus our charitable activities on two core organisations:

  • Pathways to Property
  • LandAid

Carter Jonas is a strategic partner for LandAid which works to improve the lives of economically and socially disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.
Since 2014 we have raised over £121,000 for LandAid which has gone to help projects across the UK. 

Beyond this we also support our staff in their own charity fundraising efforts by providing match funding or volunteering days so they can be hands-on at events. In 2019/20 financial year Carter Jonas staff raised a further £45,000 through individual fundraising

Our People

Our people are the heart of our business. A happy, healthy, supportive workplace and a diverse and inclusive team are better for business and better for the communities that the built environment serves.

Diversity and Inclusion is a key component of the Carter Jonas vision and critical for the business to build its talent pipelines and remain competitive. By increasing diversity within our workforce, we will attract a greater number of talented people to our business, encourage better team collaboration, improve performance and customer satisfaction, increase retention rates and achieve greater success in new markets.

It is important that our people represent and reflect the ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities of the community at large and that our recruitment and employment opportunities are inclusive to all.
Which is why we constantly review workplace satisfaction and the progress we are making against our equality and diversity targets.


As much of our work is advising our clients on their property portfolio and strategy, we recognise that the advice we give can often have a large environmental impact. 

With national targets set for reducing environmental impact and the increasing urgency to find more sustainable solutions. 

We understand that we have a responsibility through our best in practice advice and thought leadership to further the impact we have on the environmental agenda by improving the sustainability performance and outcomes of our clients property interests. And by doing so, we not only help our clients mitigate the risks posed by climate change and build resilience but also contribute positively to the UK’s mission to reduce its carbon emissions.