Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Minerals & Waste Management

There’s more to our Chartered Minerals Surveyors and Planners than big holes in the ground: they could hold the key to unlocking your property’s unseen assets.

Carter Jonas’ in-house team of minerals and waste management experts – one of the biggest in the UK – specialises in spotting and extracting land’s hidden value. We provide both private and industrial clients with wide ranging advice on all aspects of mineral extraction and waste management, from site identification and viability assessment, through the planning process to site reclamation. And we work through our national network of offices, so our quality service is always to hand.



Necessary know-how in the creation of electricity or heat from waste.

Dumper truck and sand

Bamboozled by buffer zones and borrow pits? Read our jargon buster.

Vehicle tracks over fields

We have a comprehensive pool of in-house expertise.

Did you know?

The UK produces 434 million tonnes of waste each year: enough waste to fill the Albert Hall every 2 hours.

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