Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Why Greg Clark has approved 1,500 homes in the green belt area

Last month, communities’ secretary Greg Clark gave the green light for a development of up to 1,500 homes in Gloucestershire, despite it conflicting with the green belt policies in the adopted local development plan.

It was highlighted that local authorities supported the development north of Brockworth, and it had been promoted in an emerging strategic planning document. The application was called in by Greg Clark, who has now ruled that the scheme should go ahead in line with the planning inspectors’ recommendation.

The decision letter acknowledged that the proposals represent large scale, inappropriate development in the green belt, and Clark has considered that the plans conflict with the Tewkesbury Borough Local Plan, adopted in 2006.

An emerging joint core strategy (JCS) is being prepared by Gloucester City Council, Cheltenham Borough Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council, which identifies the land north of Brockworth for housing with a capacity of 1,500 homes. This allocation is the same land that falls within the redline area of the planning application in question.

It has been acknowledged by the secretary of state that there are, in this case, sufficient considerations to outweigh the conflict of the development plan. He stated that this does not signal an end to the wider green belt argument.

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