Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Government-backed group’s advice on measuring housing need has ‘disastrous technical faults’

The government-commissioned Local Plans Expert Group (LPEG) has been accused by a group of experts of having disastrous technical faults that would, if implemented, further delay and complicate plan making.

The group stated that while the LPEG report contained many welcome recommendations, its proposal for measuring housing needs were unhelpful. “The current method would put need in the wrong places, so the most popular places may still be undersupplied, while too much land is allocated in places with weak demand, putting viability at risk.”

This has led the experts to put forward a submission to the government, which proposes an alternative measuring method. The submission was produced by a group including; independent consultant, Neil McDonald of NMSS; Cristina Howick, a partner at consultancy Peter Brett Associates; and professor Ludi Simpson of the University of Manchester.

John Rhodes, chair of the LPEG, responded by saying: “We are confident in the methodology which we have put forward, and we are very happy for DCLG to test its merits with the benefit of that feedback.”

He also concluded that the group’s suggestions on the methodology would require fundamental changes to current government planning policy for housing.

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