Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Queen’s new neighbourhood planning and infrastructure bill

The government has announced a new Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill. This was one of 20 announced in the recent Queen’s speech, which set out the government’s programme for the next session of parliament. It proposes to strengthen neighbourhood planning and make the compulsory purchase orders ‘clearer, fairer and faster’.  

The Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill is set to reform planning and give local communities more power to shape their own area. This will encourage further house building and create more opportunity for people to buy their own home.

This new legislation would tackle the misuse of certain planning conditions and ensure that development, including new housing, can get underway without any necessary delay.

The government has stated that the new bill will support its ambition to deliver one million new homes whilst simultaneously protecting the most valued areas, including the green belt.

It will also deliver the homes and infrastructure the country needs to transform the way major infrastructure projects are planned for. This will help the government to deliver its manifesto pledge to ‘invest over £100 billion in our infrastructure over this parliament’.

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