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Child safety should be the focus

Child safety is at the forefront when many people are shopping at this time of year but, professionally, it should also be a concern for landlords.

This is especially so in the home with regard to anything used for internal blinds or curtain tracks including, but not limited to, vertical blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, and plantation shutters which are now subject to 40 pages of regulations published by the British Standards Institution and based on European standards.

If that sounds over complicated, the British Blind and Shutter Association has a very helpful leaflet on-line that explains what’s needed - click here - where’s helpful video content and a downloadable explanatory pdf.

Where new blinds are being fitted, they must comply with the regulations and have built-in safety systems but where this is not feasible due to window shape or location separate safety systems can be used such as chain or cord tensioners.

In either case, there are regulations governing the lengths of cords or chains.

Properties where blinds are already installed can still be made safe – the relatively simple installation of cleats on which to wind cords when not in use may be an efficient and cost-effective solution to prevent young children being strangled in the loops created by cords or chains.

Of course, such devices are only effective when they are used. If your properties are furnished, cots, playpens, and other furniture should be placed away from windows to avoid children climbing up, an activity they all seem to love.

The regulations apply to all premises where children aged between 0-42 months are present or likely to have access – almost everywhere!

Our property managers are available to assist with adjusting existing installations and, where applicable, installing new blinds or curtain tracks. 

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