Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Highways - Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

The government is committed to the biggest road building programme in a generation. They will spend over £15 billion on 100 major schemes to improve highways in England up to 2020, and more beyond via their agency Highways England and county Highways Authorities. This will involve the extensive use of compulsory purchase powers over private property interests and rights. Claimants should take specialist compulsory purchase advice to get best value for their property from the compensation system.

Major highways schemes identified or being considered for investment and where compulsory purchase powers will be used include:

• A27 ‘missing links’
• Dualling A14 Cambridge to Milton Keynes
• A303 and tunnel at Stone Henge • Smart Motorways across the country
• A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet Junction Improvement
• A43 Abthorpe Roundabout
• Lower Thames Crossing
• M54-M6 Toll

Carter Jonas provide expert advice to claimants on Compulsory Purchase and Compensation for roads and highways.

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Mark WarnettMRICS

Associate Partner

Mark is part of the infrastructures team and his principal role is advising on compulsory purchase, compensation and valuation. He acts for claimants, who’s residential, commercial, agricultural or ...

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