Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas
Marine and energy activities

Aggregate Dredging

Whilst the majority of aggregate material used in UK construction is sourced from traditional land based quarries and pits, mineral companies are increasingly looking to the sea for sources of aggregate material.

Approximately 20% of the UK’s total aggregate production is sourced from the sea bed, much of which is unloaded to the mainland from purpose built aggregates dredgers to wharf facilities. Such aggregates are, however, also used for coastal protection, and pumped directly onto beaches from dredgers at sea. In excess of 23 million tonnes of aggregates are sourced in this way, won under some 80 licences granted by The Crown Estate. We can advise on aggregate extraction and wharf facilities, and the use of aggregates for coastal protection.


Case Study

Dinmoor quarry

The Minerals & Waste Management Division was involved in the restoration...

Did you know?

The Crown Estate also owns around 55% of the foreshore of the UK.

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