Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

Did You Know?

One large wind turbine can provide for the electricity needs for up to 1,200 homes?


Wind power reduces greenhouse gas emissions by displacing power generation from fossil fuels


1,000 tons of animal slurry can provide electricity for up to 14 homes


Methane sticks to the surface of coal - and North Sea oil technology is used to extract it one mile underground


The Government has recently doubled the incentive by for electricity produced from dedicated bio-mass with CHP


  • The Crown Estate owns virtually the entire sea-bed to the 12 nautical mile territorial limit


  • The Crown Estate also owns around 55% of the foreshore of the UK


New opportunity with the renewable heat incentive


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Energy Index 2015


Climate Change LevyThe tax on energy use in agriculture, commerce, industry and the public sector.

From Muck To Riches

Our Energy Team experts believe there is significant income to be made from the development of biodigester plants...