Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

2017 predictions for the rural market

“The rural economy has held strong through what has been a year of economic uncertainty and political turmoil, demonstrating not only the strength and resilience of the UK farming sector, but its ability to adapt and thrive in times of change.

“2017 will certainly put the sector to the test, and the farming economy must ensure they are equipped to weather the prolonged negotiations that lie ahead, along with the rest of UK PLC.

“Landowners, farmers and tenants should all take the short window of subsidy stability as an opportunity to plan for the transition period - exploring all business options, even if the decision is to remain the same until we know more is a worthwhile exercise.

“Funding will remain available for sound business strategies which seek to expand efficiently or generate new income streams, and as a result, farmers and landowners should keep a close eye on Brexit negotiations to ensure plans are aligned with proposed timeframes and subsidies.

“Investment in rural land and property, albeit a challenge, will remain an attractive and stable proposition and is set to remain so right through 2017.”

Tim Jones

Tim JonesFRICS

Partner - Head of Rural Division

Tim is head of the firm's Rural Division and of the Cambridge office, although he spends a considerable amount of time in London.  He has over 20 years experience in advising institutional and pri...

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