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Carter Jonas’ affordable housing valuation team specialises in the valuation of affordable housing assets. Our current team of affordable housing valuers provide advice to registered providers (housing associations) across England. 

The affordable housing sector is rapidly changing, with new entrants to the market including private equity and pension funds setting up ‘for profit’ registered provider entities. 

The sector is highly regulated and the continuous steam of new Government policies affecting the affordable housing world mean our clients need specialist, up-to-date advice. 

How can Carter Jonas help your social housing needs?

Carter Jonas advises many of the G15 group of large registered providers however we also advise smaller registered providers, community land trusts and charities.   

A growing part of our business is working with Local Authority clients, many of whom are developing affordable housing schemes of their own or in joint venture arrangements.  

We also provide affordable housing advice to private sector bodies including landowners and developers. This can be either up-front at scheme feasibility stage, as part of a planning application or later on, when seeking to dispose of the Section 106 affordable housing units to a registered provider.

Carter Jonas provide the following affordable housing services:

  • Red Book acquisition and disposal valuation advice
  • Development appraisals
  • Asset management advice
  • Stock transfer valuations
  • Existing use value - social housing (EUV-SH) valuations
  • Market value – tenanted (MV-T) valuations
  • January 1999 valuations for rent setting
  • Package price advice
  • Sales and marketing reports
  • Market research reports
  • Affordable housing statements
  • Affordable housing agency
  • Section 106 advice
  • Expert witness advice

Why choose Carter Jonas to value affordable housing?

Registered providers need to make sound business investment decisions based on robust valuation advice provided by valuers who truly understand the environment within which they operate.   

Similarly, affordable housing forms an important part of most new residential developments and it requires a bespoke valuation method. No longer can developers afford to take a ‘finger in the air’ approach to the value of affordable housing tenures, especially when the landscape is constantly evolving.   

With our experience of valuing affordable housing across the country we have the right level of up-to-date knowledge to advise our clients. 

A Selection Of Our Clients

Barry and his team have worked on a wide range of affordable housing schemes for L&Q. Barry has a huge amount of experience in this sector and his advice is highly valued by me and my colleagues. I would definitely recommend Barry to anyone working with affordable housing.
Zoe Heinzel, Senior Residential Sales Analyst at L&Q
We have always been pleased with the prompt, efficient and knowledgeable service from Barry and his team at Carter Jonas.
Steve Taylor, Head of Land and Planning (South) at Abri Group
@ Barry Rea
Barry Rea
020 7518 3347 email me about Barry

Three career highlights:
Over the past 19 years Barry has concentrated on providing valuation and advisory services to the Registered Provider sector, their funders and advisors and developer clients. In addition, he has acted as an expert witness on various cases.

Recognised as an expert in affordable housing valuation, Barry is frequently called upon to advise on such issues in litigation and planning cases.

Barry also advises clients on Financial Viability Assessments, helping developers to secure viable planning consents.  Once planning has been granted he acts as agent to dispose of any affordable housing units to a Registered Provider.

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