Carter Jonas ESG and sustainability services

Net-zero buildings

Develop and implement a strategic approach to decarbonising your building portfolios in line with your net-zero goals. 


Estates strategy

Support the delivery of your sustainability ambitions with estates strategies that incorporate ESG from the outset.



Find and fit out space which will help move you towards delivery of your organisation’s sustainability ambitions. 


Building consultancy

Implement sustainability measures in your space to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and support occupier wellbeing.


Property and Asset Management

Manage your building portfolios to maximise financial and sustainable efficiencies.

Energy and carbon reduction

Meet your ESG goals and compliance obligations by identifying and delivering operational improvements in your assets.



Enhance and protect the value of your assets through our range of sustainability services for landlords.



Source buildings aligned to your ESG investment strategy, whether that be a brown-to-green approach or investing in existing high-performing space.



Explore opportunities for on-site renewable energy generation and EV charging that will help reduce impact and improve value through our Energy team offering.


Natural capital

Create biodiversity and natural capital strategies which enhance the performance of your assets with the help of our dedicated Natural Capital team.


Our real estate ESG services offering

The integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into real estate decision yields significant benefits for both owners and occupiers. Carter Jonas is able to support asset owners and occupiers to identify and incorporate ESG criteria into decision making, unlocking the true value of the building.

We do this by evaluating the environmental performance of the building, assessing factors such as resource efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, indoor environment quality, and the feasibility of on-site renewable energy generation. Click below to access our brochure and learn more about our sustainability services.

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Our approach to ESG

We strive to be at the forefront of action to address the most pressing ESG issues faced by our sector, our clients, and the communities which we serve.

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