Our building consultancy team can guide you through all aspects of the property lifecycle, from the initial acquisition or construction, through to repairs, maintenance, enhancement and adaptation, and finally onto the disposal of the building.


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Our building surveyors have expertise in the fields of construction delivery, refurbishment and maintenance, and they are up to speed on all relevant legislation.

The team is well placed to advise on a broad range of topics, passing on well-rounded and holistic maintenance knowledge to clients.

Our experienced chartered professionals are supported by well-trained and highly motivated graduates, and together they provide a dedicated nationwide service to clients across a broad spectrum of sectors and property types, such as office, residential, healthcare and education.


At the core of building pathology is the investigation, diagnosis and remediation of building defects. Buildings will always be subject to defects, some of which are more common than others. Diagnosis can sometimes be straightforward, but in most cases an in-depth knowledge and understanding of buildings is essential to provide the right assistance and to apply the necessary specialist techniques.

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Building surveys can be undertaken for a range of reasons, such as freehold or leasehold acquisition, property disposal or asset management. A full building survey will report on the nature and condition of all building elements, often incorporating specialist advice in respect of mechanical, electrical, structural or environmental issues.


When considering the acquisition of a building, whether residential or commercial, a building survey will provide an invaluable insight into the nature of your acquisition and allow you to mitigate risk accordingly, by budgeting for future expenditure or negotiating with the vendor.


Our building survey reports can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the client and are presented in a user-friendly “traffic light” format, accompanied by a schedule of photographs from the inspection.

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At Carter Jonas we have a highly experienced team of professionals that who design and manage building projects, which includeincluding alterations, conversions, refurbishments and new builds. We offer a full design, specification and contract administration service for commercial, residential and public sector clients and have a proven track record in buildings of all ages. We work closely and collaboratively with the project team – from the initial feasibility study through to the final completion – and we conduct ourselves in an impartial and unbiased professional manner.

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Our experts are well placed to advise on a range of compliance matters, including:

• Access audits
• Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
• Fire risk assessments
• Planning and building regulations
• Asbestos surveys

We tailor the content and format of our reports to every client. In essence, the report is a tabulated Building Condition Survey and includes a suggested budget for maintaining or repairing the building. We prioritise the repairs, highlight the elements of the building at risk of failure, and suggest short-term remedies. As well as identifying defects, we point out any non-compliance with current standards.

Proposed works are prioritised over a maintenance cycle (often 5-10 years) and packaged into credible, deliverable projects.

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A condition of banks or lenders providing loan facilities to fund building projects is often that a professional, such as a building surveyor, monitors the project from inception through to practical completion. This monitoring advice includes overseeing all building issues relating to a new construction project. Carter Jonas has a number of chartered surveyors who are experienced in this field.

Once appointed, we visit the proposed development to become familiar with all physical aspects of the site and we request copies of relevant information from the developer or builder. This information often includes construction details, costs and programmes, flood risk assessments, ecology and ground reports, statutory planning, listed building consent, building regulation information, approvals relating to health and safety, and relevant legal documents.

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Lease termination inevitably raises the question of dilapidations: what can the landlord expect in terms of the building’s state of repair and what will it cost the tenant to remedy any breaches of covenant? Most commercial leases contain covenants that require tenants to repair and decorate buildings and maintain the land they occupy, in addition to complying with the relevant statutory requirements.

Any alterations or additions to the building may have to be removed, if required by the landlord. Carter Jonas has amassed extensive experience over many years of advising both landlords and tenants on dilapidations. Our insight into the mind-set of both landlords and tenants allows us to take a holistic view of potential situations that may arise when advising on dilapidations.

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When undertaking an architectural project, building or maintenance work or property transaction, there is always the risk that something might go wrong. Whether you are the client or the service professional, you may be dissatisfied with the final result. Relationships occasionally break down and disputes can be financially and emotionally costly, as well as time-consuming. Acting as an expert witness, our professionals provide advice to solicitors and legal counsel regarding property disputes.

Issues include the compulsory purchase of a property, matrimonial and partnership disputes, failings in design or construction, party wall agreements/disputes, valuations for litigation purposes, professional negligence claims, taxation matters, leasehold enfranchisement, rent reviews and lease renewals.

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All projects start with an assessment of the baseline conditions. We establish your site’s capacity with a detailed topographic survey, and capture the development context of surrounding building elevations or countryside. Our property information professionals stay with you throughout the building lifecycle, streamlining maintenance with a suite of as-built drawings and updating areas that could be let to the latest International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS).

Our geomatics surveyors employ traditional techniques, GPS and laser scanning to capture every relevant detail accurately. If required, we can call upon a bank of trusted sub- contractors to provide expert drone and underground surveys, meaning there is no area that can’t be measured.

Party wall legislation is in place to facilitate construction works, while protecting the property interests of adjoining owners. The Act traces its origins back to 1666 when, following the Great Fire of London, authorities regulated the construction of party walls between properties. The statutes evolved in London until the introduction of the Party Wall etc Act 1996, which covers the whole of England and Wales.

We can advise on proposed developments and the implications of the Act at the planning and design stage, taking costs and time into account at the project outset. We consult with designers and engineers to advise on the likely consequences of, and the best way of applying, the Act. For example, provisions within the Act facilitate access from adjoining land to undertake works, which otherwise might not be obtained.

Find out more about party walls and neighbourly matters.

Accurate and comprehensive reinstatement cost assessments are essential to ensure that, should a building incur damage from an insured risk, there is sufficient insurance cover for the property owner to recover their loss. Carter Jonas regularly provides assessments for both commercial and residential buildings to a wide range of clients and owners across all property sectors.

We are particularly well placed to advise on the complexities surrounding historic and listed buildings, having assessed numerous such structures over the years and amassed the specialist knowledge that comes with that experience. The chartered building surveyors working across our UK office network offer a highly bespoke service to clients. They have a thorough understanding of the costs and considerations involved in any project.

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Schedules of condition are prepared for a variety of reasons and they provide property occupiers and owners with an invaluable record of a building’s condition at a specific moment in time. This can range from the commencement of a lease to before the start of construction works. When they are drafted well, schedules of condition can protect both parties and reduce the risk of future dispute. Our schedules of condition comprise a detailed description of the property and its condition, and are supported by carefully indexed and cross-referenced photographic evidence.


Richard Love is a Partner, Head of Building Surveying in our London Commercial Team. Richard joined from Watts Group PLC where he worked since 2010, most recently as director in it's project consultancy group. Richard's role is to provide building consultancy services, including relocation management, contract administration, design, strategic procurement and conservation advice with our clients.

Career Highlights:

Ealing Town Hall:
Full external restoration of Grade II Listed Victorian Gothic town hall building. The project arose from a survey identifying incidences of dangerous stonework and the project incorporated extensive masonry repairs, reroofing, redecorations, stained glass replacement, access improvements and drainage improvements.  Works on site were delivered over an eight month period during which the town hall remained fully operational.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists HQ Relocation:
Project management services in respect of all aspects of the HQ relocation for this prestigious medical college.  The relocation centred around moving into a 50,000sq ft 1980’s office building and delivered a comprehensive strip out and refurbishment including the creating of canteen and catering facilities, conference space, library including antique book collection and sublet space.  The relocation was delivered in 9 months (inception to completion) and Richard also handled dilapidations matters on exit.

Career developments
Being appointed to the board overseeing the expansion of the Carter Jonas Commercial Division, which took place in early 2017. Also, managing the expansion of the Architecture and Building Consultancy team. The service line has doubled the number of specialists working within it in the last two years, becoming the largest team within the division. Further growth plans are currently in place for the next few years.

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Matthew is a Chartered Building Surveyor in the Chapel Place office. Matthew has undertaken various Building Surveying services to a diverse portfolio of clients, including Royal Mail, Salvation Army, Winchester Working Men’s Housing Society, Aurora Fashions and Network Rail.

His primary skills cover: Schedules of Work, Schedules of Condition, Party Wall matters, Planned Maintenance Repair and Refurbishment Contracts of various properties, Schedules of Dilapidations, Insurance Valuations , Fire Insurance Valuations, Contract Administration, Defect Diagnosis and Prognosis, Statutory Consents, Budget Costs and Pre-acquisition survey.

Career Highlights:

  • Shortlisted for Young Surveyor of the year in 2016.
  • Leading on Party Wall matters for whole Thameslink project over 5 year period.
  • Defending dilapidations claim on behalf of Tenant, resulting in a reduction of the Landlord’s claim from £4.9m to £1.45m
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Career Highlights:

  • Securing a portfolio insurance assessment in 2016 for over 150 assets in Greater London and Scotland.
  • Delivering a £700,000 CAT B fit out to fifth floor offices on Paternoster Square overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral in the Summer of 2015. 
  • Providing Lead Consultancy advice to major financial institution for CAT A refurbishment of 20,000 sqft offices in central Bath.
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Matthew Ellams is head of our project management team. He has considerable experience within the sector and has worked across a wide range of projects, servicing many different types of clients.

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Keith is a Partner in the commercial team and is based out of our Cambridge office.

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Career Highlights:

  • Project Management of the UK’s first retrospective fire pressurisation system on Grade II* listed tower building.
  • Conservation and Restoration of Grade II* listed 18thC Summerhouse.
  • Award Winning Conversion and Refurbishment of a Grade II listed farmhouse and range of traditional barns into a mixed use development.
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