We all enjoy the benefits of the infrastructure facilitated by compulsory purchase but, for those affected, the process is typically drawn out, uncertain and frequently life-changing.

The specialist compulsory purchase surveyors sit within Carter Jonas's infrastructures team. They guide and advise claimants with the primary aim of protecting their interests during the process of government approval for a compulsory purchase order and getting full value from the compensation system.

Projects Resulting in Compulsory Purchase

Transport for London (TFL) recently released their proposed route for Crossrail 2, a new rail link between Surrey and Hertfordshire. The route shows where surface property interests would be required for work sites, ventilation shafts and stations. If your property is situated in one of these areas, you are likely to be affected by compulsory purchase and would qualify for compensation.

These surface interests are in the safeguarded area – a legal planning designation. This is significant because it means owners (including some commercial tenants) may qualify now for serving a blight notice on Crossrail 2. This would effectively bring the compulsory purchase process and compensation forward on the your terms and timings. This is an invaluable mechanism if you are considering relocating your business or home in advance of anticipated compulsory purchase.

In acting for you, we can protect your interests and negotiate for you, ensuring you get the best value out of the compulsory purchase process. Our team has invaluable experience of the first Crossrail project, acting for both claimants and the acquiring authority. For an initial obligation- and cost-free meeting, please get in contact.

The government is committed to the biggest road-building programme in a generation. This will involve the extensive use of compulsory purchase powers over private property interests and rights. Claimants should take specialist compulsory purchase advice to get best value for their property from the compensation system. Major highways schemes identified or being considered for investment (where compulsory purchase powers will be used) include:

  • A27 ‘missing links’
  • Dualling A14 Cambridge to Milton Keynes
  • A303 and tunnel at Stonehenge
  • Smart motorways across the country
  • A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junction improvement
  • A43 Abthorpe roundabout
  • Lower Thames crossing
  • M54-M6 Toll

Carter Jonas provides expert advice to claimants on compulsory purchase and compensation for roads and highways. For an initial obligation- and cost-free meeting, please get in contact.

Compulsory purchase and compensation law is complicated and antiquated. Some of the rules can appear to prejudice the claimant, and there is the risk that, at the end of a difficult process, they will not find themselves in a position of ‘equivalence’. Compulsory purchase claimants should therefore be under no illusion that their interests will be properly protected, unless they take effective advice as early as possible. Acquiring authorities will always be supported by teams of specialist professionals, and claimants need to be equally well equipped, particularly as any reasonable agency and legal fees will normally be paid by the authority.

At an initial free meeting we will explain our role in:

  1. Objecting to and petitioning against draft compulsory purchase orders, Acts of Parliament, Transport and Work Act Orders and Development Consent Orders.
  2.  Negotiating mitigation and accommodation works in advance of a public inquiry or examination process.
  3. Preparing cases and making representations at compulsory purchase hearings and public inquiries.
  4. Valuing and negotiating compensation claims.
  5. Preparing references to the Upper Tribunal of the Lands Chamber when agreement cannot be reached.
  6. Advising on negotiations and procedure in the context of a Lands Chamber reference.
  7. Providing expert evidence to the Lands Chamber.

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The Compulsory Purchase team operates at a national level within the UK.
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