Stages of project management

All projects will invariably entail a degree of complexity and challenges requiring specialist management. From the simplest repair project through to major infrastructure developments, effective project delivery is dependent on the effective management of four key dynamics:

  • People
  • Costs
  • Timescales
  • Quality

Our building consultancy professionals provide a national service from our hub offices in Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds and London. Our teams are made up of highly qualified and experienced chartered building surveyors and knowledgeable project managers who consistently provide a professional, effective, and personal service.'

A construction project manager uses a variety of tools to control these four cornerstones of a project, establishing strong project governance and taking responsibility for all aspects which are under their control.

Carter Jonas’ approach to project management

Our experienced project management teams include a combination of experienced, professionally qualified construction industry experts and highly trained junior staff and graduates who operate together to achieve the successful delivery of a project.
Our firm philosophy is built on responsibility and collaboration, and our project managers lead by example on projects, taking our clients from inception to completion, incorporating advice on delivery of the following key activities.

As project manager part of our role is challenging preconceptions and filling in the blanks, helping our clients realise their aspirations for a project. This forms a vital springboard for the rest of the scheme. Once the briefing process has been completed a master briefing document will be prepared and issued, ensuring clarity and providing structure for the project team.

All projects involve the need for specialist input to one degree or another, be it contractors, designers, engineers or surveyors. Our project managers work together with clients to identify the roles needed on a project, define the relevant scopes of service and tender these services, thereby obtaining best value for our clients.

Within construction, under a ‘design and build’ contract an employer's agent is also appointed by the client to represent them and their interests pre and post contract. This role can be fulfilled by the architect, project manager or cost consultant.

We work with our clients to define the key dates for a project then convert these into a carefully considered, logic-linked master programme which identifies the critical path for the project. This remains a live document throughout, used to track progress or identify delay during regular status reporting sessions.

All projects require that of authority is delegated from the client to the design team. Once delegation is established, the routes for communication, processes for sign off and control mechanisms are developed to suit the project and then adhered to throughout. At Carter Jonas, our project specific Project Execution Plan is used to preserve the project governance and communicate it to the entire team. In this way, we gain a commitment from the whole team, including our clients, avoiding conflict at a later date.

As part of the briefing and project governance activities, our project managers inevitably identify clients’ priorities for their projects and distil these into a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the project. This allows us to create a bespoke, pre-agreed status report format for the project which, issued at regular intervals, informs the client of the things they want to know.

Our project managers not only focus on the construction element but, with our master budget and expenditure schedule, we own as much of the financial reporting as our client chooses to delegate to us. This includes advising on relocation costs, furniture and equipment, fees and on-costs, revenue costs such as rents, rates and service charge impacts during the project and dilapidations liabilities. In addition, we report on anticipated cash flow and project expenditure on a regular basis.

For further information on our approach to cost control, please click here.

The identification and management of risk sits at the heart of our approach to project management. We believe in confronting challenges early on, thereby giving us the best chance of resolving them. Whether related to time, cost, scope, resources or legislation, we systematically document the project risks in our dynamic risk register, linking them with a risk profile, owner, date for resolution and agreed mitigation strategy.

As experts in construction and not simply process, our project managers are ideally placed to advise on the full range of contractual matters which need to be considered throughout the life of a project, including principal contracts, sub-contracts, bonds, warranties and insurance matters.

By making sure of a carefully crafted brief and defining a rigorous and systematic programme of quality inspections and reports throughout the construction phase, our approach to project management removes the conflict which often affects in to the build phase when standards slip and changes in the brief occur.

Some of our Clients

Norfolk and Suffolk Police
Worcester College
Transport Research Laboratory

Project management services by sector

Our teams can help with all aspects of project management throughout many sectors, including:

  • Education project management
  • Healthcare project management
  • High rise project management
  • Independent project management
  • Mixed use development project management
  • Residential project management
From residential project managements service, through high rise or mixed use development, our specialist teams are here to help, whatever your need.
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