Natural capital is currently at the front of the minds of land managers. We believe there will be a number of ways for income to be generated into estate budgets by taking steps to improve the environment. 

Management and advice

Putting land into an environmental scheme may not always be the best use of land, financially or from a wider strategic perspective. Carter Jonas works with landowners to understand their requirements and vision for their estate and can advise on the right land use to match client expectations.

As the legislation and regulation emerges, we are keeping a close eye on how this will affect our clients across all sectors and are advising appropriately.

Carter Jonas, with a nationwide team of experts in both rural land management and planning and development consultancy, and valuation is well placed to help both landowners and developers in navigating the intricacies of the various sources of income from natural capital both from the private and public sector particularly with regard to Biodiversity Net Gain.

Private sector funded initiatives


Biodiversity Net Gain

Under the Environment Bill and the NPPF, developers will be required to leave the biodiversity relating to a development site in a better state than before they undertook the development. Where it’s not possible or viable to achieve this onsite, this presents an opportunity for landowners who can implement an environmental improvement on their land in return for a payment from the developer.

Carter Jonas has a long legacy of managing rural land and currently has 1.3 million acres under management. This, combined with a planning and development team who is currently advising on 23,000 acres of potential development land, with the capacity for 100,000 new homes, puts Carter Jonas in an unrivalled position to match developers with landowners for mutual benefit. 

If you would like to register, either as a developer looking to offset, or as a farmer/landowner interested in entering into an agreement, please complete the form below:

Carbon Offsetting

Businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint can do so by making a payment to a landowner in return for implementing a change to their land use practice which facilitates the capture of more carbon. 

Thanks to our legacy of rural land management, we are well placed to match businesses looking to offset all or some of their carbon production with interested farmers and landowners. To register to be part of a scheme, please email us.

Government sector funded initiatives

Natural Capital is also a source of income for farmers and landowners through the government’s Countryside Stewardship Scheme, which provides financial payments to farmers for managing their land in a way that provides environmental protection or benefit, including boosting wildlife and biodiversity, protecting water and soil, allowing public access and managing flood risk. 

This is just one of the government’s subsidy schemes, and more information about our grants and subsidy services can be found here. Link to grant funding page, not yet live.

The Agriculture Bill also speaks of a move away from direct payments to farmers for farming land, to a system where payments can be made for providing public benefits. 

Carter Jonas is tracking progress of the Agriculture Bill and will be ready to advise clients when there is further clarity on the replacement subsidy scheme. 

Latest News

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For more insights and information, visit our Natural Capital Hub

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