As part of its multi-disciplinary offering, Carter Jonas has a holistic geospatial practice covering all scales and all sectors – from socio-economic strategy to architectural detail and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The Many Uses of Maps and Plans

Analysis of crop records helps to create patterns and maximise yields on crops. We can also monitor invasive species and plan efficient spraying patterns, by accessing the latest drone and satellite technology, designed to assist with crop health.

Using our sale and rental price analysis, we can help you unlock the potential of your assets.

Our specialist software enables you to assess your planning needs.

We can give you a recognised Level 1 and 2 Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) of the probability of your property flooding, and of the downstream impact of any development. As a result of recent floods, it is possible to gain subsidies for attenuation measures, such as providing sacrificial floodplain or highland planting.

Our models save you time, by scouring the country looking for the right site for your requirements.

In our position as land agents for owners and acquiring authorities, we have a tremendous understanding of the need for diligence in referencing. Added to this, our use of technology drives accuracy and efficiency across the whole project, where every contact with affected parties leaves a trace.

Laser scanning enables the rapid production of accurate 3D models for drainage, right to light, heritage and preservation needs.

By mapping an estate we can: coordinate operations at sporting, leisure and special events; carry out boundary audits and site surveys; create plans on land use, tenancies, public rights of way and shoots; create aerial imagery; analyse environmental constraints; and assist with boundary disputes.

By integrating 3D CAD and GIS, we can assist clients in visualising a new building or renewable energy scheme in the context of its surroundings. Building Information Modelling (BIM) provides end-to-end management of your project’s data needs, seamlessly integrating architects and design engineers with contractors, in order to meet the Government’s target of saving 30% on construction costs.

We can research and collate utility mapping data.

Our emerging natural capital mapping tool allows the rapid assessment of a number of masterplanning options.
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Your practice carried out a first class professional job. You are well equipped and very quick. I would have no hesitation recommending your firm to anyone else who wanted to make maps in difficult places.
Well done to your mapping team who knocked out some good plans quickly and amended them promptly as things changed. A weak link for some national agents but not Carter Jonas

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Our Land Referencers work on some of the UKs largest and significant projects for a wide variety of public and private sector clients.

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