Fraud Risk, Cybercrime and Illegal Scams

Both individuals and organisations are unfortunately increasingly at risk of being targeted by criminals who attempt to misuse or steal their identity for scams and other illegal activities. Very often these crimes are conducted through the internet or via email hacking.

Carter Jonas has in place processes and procedures to protect our business and the data we manage, and we encourage everyone we conduct business with to be equally vigilant and take active steps to protect themselves and their organisations. The National Cyber Security Council has extensive guidance on this topic.

If you believe you may have been the victim of a scam you should report this online using the Action Fraud website

Staying secure

If you are ever unsure about communication purporting to be from Carter Jonas, please contact us immediately before you take any action. This includes clicking on links, opening unsolicited emails or attachments, providing your bank details or making changes to payment arrangements.

We strongly recommend that you do not click on links from sources you do not recognise. If you are unsure about a communication other simple checks you can take include:

  • Checking the email address of the sender – if it does not end with it is not genuine. Be aware that the scammers may make subtle changes such as inserting a double letter (e.g. Carrter) or a substituting a numeral for a letter (e.g. J0nas).
  • If you do not recognise the name of the sender, you can check on our website or call us to verify the communication originates from us.
  • Unless you are certain of the sender's identity, never send any money or banking or personal information.
  • Ensure your anti-virus software is up-to-date and includes protection against malicious links, websites, emails and attachments.

Payments to and from Carter Jonas

We will never email you to amend our banking details. If you receive an email purporting to be from Carter Jonas asking for payment to an account, you do not recognise or requesting that you click on a link to change your personal details it is highly unlikely to be genuine. Please contact us immediately to check whether it is genuine before you act.

To ensure your security we will not accept changes to your bank details by telephone or email. If you wish to notify us of a change to your bank details to those originally provided, please note that we will contact you to verify this and will require additional documentation and/or confirmation before this can be actioned. You should also be aware that in most instances we are unable to make payments to bank accounts that are unconnected to you or the organisation you work for.


Carter Jonas accepts no liability for any losses caused by fraudulent persons purporting to be this firm or any of its staff or Partners.

Please refer to section 19 our Terms and Conditions.