Whether you are looking to establish a new electricity export connection for a development site or are looking for advice about varying your existing connection for an energy storage project, our specialist energy team can advise on all aspects of grid connections for your site.

Our specialist energy team have a vast amount of experience in advising clients on all aspects of new utility connections for your site.

The availability and viability of a new grid connection can often be the main driver in determining the feasibility of a new development for your site and so establishing the potential for a new connection is crucial at the outset. Our energy team can guide you through each phase of the process from requesting initial budget estimates and submitting formal ENA requests through to procuring ICP contractors and overseeing the installation works.

The increased competition for remaining grid capacity combined with the establishment of new technologies such as battery storage means that securing a grid connection for your site is more crucial than ever before. 

Our services include:

  • Site screening and budget estimate requests
  • Formal ENA application
  • Consultation and advisory of formal offers
  • ICP contracting and project management
  • Connection agreement brokerage
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