Relocation and Refurbishment for Fertility Bristol Bristol
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Carter Jonas project managed the relocation of this leading IVF provider to a new position on the Aztec West Business Park.

Following the identification of a suitable location, our Project Management team supported the completion of lease documents and organised a design team to undertake the transition of a refurbished 1990s office building into a modern clinic for reproductive medicine. 

Defining a complex programme of works, which required the integration of licencing from the government's Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority, we managed the consultants to produce documentation for the fit-out works to be competitively procured and constructed, simultaneously acting as Fertility Bristol’s consultants monitoring the landlord's refurbishment of the core spaces as part of their programme to generate new life into the building.

The conversion of this 14,000 sq. ft. office into specialist clinical space, including operating theatres, consultation space and laboratories presents its own challenges, particularly where the integration of services is involved, but a methodical programme of works supplementing the landlord's refurbishment has ensured that critical timescales have been maintained. 

Our Contract Administrator role ensures consistency through the process and oversight from commencement of the refurbishment through to completion of this new important facility to achieve the original aspirations of our client.

Relocation and refurbishment for Fertility Bristol