Claimant Instruction - Spon End CPO Spon End, Coventry
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Spon End, Coventry
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Compulsory purchase compensation
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The Spon End CPO scheme aimed to improve Coventry’s air quality through the Spon End Junction 7 Improvements which involved the widening of Spon End in order to improve the flow of traffic in and out of the city and take existing pressure off Holyhead Road. 

To deliver the above scheme, Coventry City Council were required to acquire our client’s property. 

Our client had no intention to sell their interest prior to being approached by the Council as the property was bought and invested in as part of our client’s long term financial planning strategy. 

Coventry City Council did not have powers to compulsorily acquire the Property. We advised our client that, under compulsory purchase best practice, the acquiring authority should attempt to acquire land by agreement whilst pursuing Compulsory Purchase Powers and that their interest impacted by the Scheme would receive compensation in line with the compensation code in the shadow of the Order. 

Further to an instruction, we commenced negotiations. 

Discussions with the authority became protracted but, via an agreed strategy, which included objecting to the proposed Compulsory Purchase Order, Carter Jonas tactically negotiated an appropriate settlement. The agreement considered sums to reflect the market value but also wider theoretical compensation entitlements and incurred losses, resulting in the sale of this interest by agreement.