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Easton, Portland
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Modern day deposits of Portland stone were formed 150 million years ago at the base of a warm, sub-tropical sea
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Portland freestone has been worked on the Isle of Portland for nearly 1,000 years; having been used in the construction of national landmarks such as Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Recent years have seen a transition from open quarrying to underground mining via Jordans and Bowers mine.

Given the significant reserves remaining on the island, Albion Stone PLC sought to expand their operations by linking the existing mines via a roadway and extracting mineral lying beneath St. George’s Churchyard.

Conscious of the architectural and historical sensitivities the Churches Conservation Trust, in who the church and extensive churchyard are vested,  instructed Carter Jonas’ to enter into negotiations with the operator on their behalf; culminating in a mutually beneficial mineral leasing agreement which ensures the integrity of this Grade I listed Georgian landmark.

Following commencement of working, Carter Jonas were retained by the Trust to provide annual site inspections and ongoing advice with respect to planning, lease compliance and rent reviews.