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Glen Richardson
Associate Partner
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Glen is an Associate Partner in the Planning and Development team and is based in our Cambridge office.

I can provide advice on:

The Cambridge Southern Fringe Area Development Framework (2006) formed the blueprint for the ongoing delivery of a significant expansion to the City of Cambridge. The document set the wider vision, framework, and design parameters for the delivery of up to 4,000 houses, new schools, country parks, new transport links, and the globally significant Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

More than 10 developers and housebuilders have been developing the southern fringe of Cambridge, subsequent to the preparation and approval of the development framework. Carter Jonas oversaw the process of preparing the framework, with Glen Richardson leading the team that helped bring together numerous public and private sector partners, politicians, residents, interest groups and consultants. The area is now largely developed and has seen several hundred million pounds of investment for residential, commercial, biomedical, and institutional uses, including several design-award winning schemes recognised at a national level by government, the press and others.