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The Carter Jonas's Planning Team in Oxford first promoted development at East Witney and an alternative transport strategy through the West Oxfordshire Local Plan process. The East Witney land was not allocated in the 2006 Local Plan, but the presiding Inspector provided favourable comment on the land and related alternative transport strategy.

West Oxfordshire District Council is in the process of reviewing its local plan. A draft allocation was initially secured for about 300 new dwellings at East Witney (in 2012), but following detailed representations (including in relation to viability matters), the allocation was increased to about 400 new dwellings (2014), and then to 450 dwellings as part of Proposed Modifications to the Plan in 2016.

Carter Jonas is representing the consortium at the local plan examination, seeking to further increase the scale of planned development to the east of the Town. The East Witney Strategic Development Area lies close to Witney in a highly sustainable location. It will be linked to the town centre by new and enhanced cycle and footpaths. A premium bus route passes the site, providing a service every 10 minutes to Oxford.

The Consortium will be working with the District Council to ensure delivery of the East Witney land, with the first new homes likely to be under construction in 2021.